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Dynamic Digital Advertising was the first digital photography studio in Pennsylvania. Today DDA continues to be one of the best and most experienced digital photography studios anywhere. Dynamic Digital Advertising produces first class digital images with state-of-the-art digital cameras. DDA’s in-house photography studio is equipped with special digital lighting that is portable and often used when shooting on-location. DDA offers top-of-the-line digital photography both on-location and in-house for products, models and food. It’s professional photo manipulation services that give your images the precise look you need.

One of the unique things about digital photographs is that the images will always remain first generation. The photographs do not have to be scanned, and are uploaded directly from the camera to the computer. Done right, the result is the highest quality digital images possible. The photographs can be digitally manipulated from their original state without any degradation of features to provide just the right look for any product, model or application.

Photo manipulation can be as simple as changing a photograph from color to black & white to applying more complex graphic effects to completely altering the appearance of a product. In model photography, any unwanted shadows or imperfections can be removed. The texture and color of food can be enhanced to add appeal. Products and people that need to be photographed on different days can become part of the same image with photo manipulation.

Dynamic Digital Advertising began doing film-based photography in 1994. Traditional 35mm slide/print and 120mm (2 1/4") medium format transparencies were the formats of choice. In 1994, there were many changes going on in the photography world. It was fast becoming possible to use a CCD (Charged Coupling Device) instead of emulsion-based film. However, digital cameras were extremely expensive and the process was computer-centric, not camera-centric. Many traditional film-based studios were unfamiliar with the handling of digital images and fearful of the threat digital photography presented to its business.

Dynamic Digital Advertising, on the other hand, was using traditional photographic techniques but had embraced the digital revolution wholeheartedly. The digital process was standard operating procedure, and much of DDA's advertising work already involved digital photos and digital photo manipulation. Examples of photo manipulation of product photography include changing metallic finishes, altering mechanical and computer controls and enhancing the work or process being accomplished.

As Dynamic Digital Advertising has proven over and over, high-resolution digital photography done right is simply better, faster and less expensive. First generation images are faster to capture and eliminate the expense of film developing and scanning. Photo manipulation makes perfect images possible. Dynamic Digital Advertising continues to offer both digital and traditional film-based photographic services, but companies that have experienced digital photo shoots would never go back to film. Experience DDA’s digital photo expertise, and you'll love the difference!

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Digital Photography