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Digital photo manipulation is a powerful tool to enhance photography or computer-generated images. Usually done with high-end graphic programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, digital photo manipulation is utilized when the raw image needs change or improvement. Dynamic Digital Advertising has been in the digital photography and digital imaging field since its inception in 1994 and is extremely experienced in performing high-end photo-manipulation.

With the powerful digital editing programs available, most everyone feels they can perform some form of photo manipulation. But proper photo manipulation takes highly specialized skills and an enormous amount of time to perfect. Passing for absolute realism has become the apex for photo manipulation wizards, and the more developments in technology there are the closer to realism we become. As the depth of the programs that perform the photo manipulations grows, the skills of the designers that operate them need to as well.

Putting shinier effects on metal objects or layering different digital photographs together to give a more interesting composition is not the end-all of digital photo manipulation. In its most simplistic form, DDA will take out the background used for the photo shoot and replace it with a computer-generated image. In its most complex, a 3D environment can be added to create a whole new surrounding for the product or person in the image. The uses and possibilities are truly endless, and with Dynamic Digital Advertising as your company of choice, you will get great digital photography, excellent photo-manipulation and a great end result.

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Photo Manipulation of a flower

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Photo Manipulation of Model Photography

Photo Manipulation for Brass Elegans
Photo Manipulation for Firstline Paulingston Photo Manipulation of a tray of desserts

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